bacon, eggs, 17 other ingredients (not including ‘Rienzi’)

Lots of things going on here.

We had bacon and eggs early Sunday afternoon, as we usually do. Also as we usually do, we invited a lot of things to join us. In fact there were so many things, and they all jumped onto the table so fast, I’m not sure I can give an account of each one, nor do I think I should, since no one, including myself, is ever going to repeat it.

The best I can do, and I’m doing it mostly in order to provide the credits, is to report who were the farmers, bakers, and other producers who got them to us.

And include one other picture, of a section of the Lost Bread Co. stand in the Union Square Greenmarket.

To be truthful, I have to add that a good number of these ingredients were items already prepared for or remaining from very recent earlier meals and not used.

  • 6 fresh eggs from pastured chickens, John Stoltzfoos’ Millport Dairy Farm in the Union Square Greenmarket
  • 3 slices of bacon from pastured pigs, John Stoltzfoos’ Millport Dairy Farm in the Union Square Greenmarket
  • Renieris Estate ‘Divina’ (Koroneiki varietal) olive oil, Hania, Crete, from Whole Foods Market
  • chives from Stokes Farm
  • pericón (Mexican Tarragon) from Quarton Farm
  • local sea salt from P.E. & D.D. Seafood
  • freshly ground black pepper from Whole Food’s store brand
  • Brazil wax pepper-infused olive oil (the peppers from Eckerton Hill Farm, the infusion done at home)
  • sunflower sprouts from Space on Ryder Farm (formerly Betsy Ryder’s Ryder Farm)
  • finely chopped red jalapeño pepper, from a friend’s garden
  • one small shallot from Alex’s Tomato Farm in the Saturday Chelsea’s Down to Earth Farmers Market
  • chopped upper stem section of a red spring onion from Norwich Meadows Farm
  • a very light ‘Delitia’ Burro di Bufala, Caserta, Campania (total fat 12g, 83% butter fat), from Eataly
  • a rich Vermont Creamery Butter (total fat 12g, 83% butter fat), from Eataly
  • bits of baby celery stem and leaves from Norwich Meadows Farm
  • dried wild Sicilian (Ibleo Mountains) fennel seed from Eataly Flatiron
  • Homadama bread (wheat, corn, water, maple syrup, salt, slaked lime) from Lost Bread Co.
  • Buck Honey Rye (rye, malted buckwheat groats, honey, water, salt) from Lost Bread Co.
  • ‘Whole wheat Redeemer Bread’ (wheat, water, salt) from Lost Bread Co.