breakfast, a very late breakfast; even late for a lunch

We sat down to this Sunday breakfast/brunch/lunch even later than usual, but we also had more excuses than usual.

  • there were eggs from Millport Dairy Farm and Echo Creek Farm; thick bacon, also from Millport Dairy Farm; Maldon salt; Tellicherry pepper; dabs of a sun-dried chilli-pepper harissa from NYShuk Pantry, micro fennel from Windfall Farms, and a bit of tarragon from Keith’s Farm, all of those on the eggs; a small amount of finely-chopped stems red spring onion stems from Alewife Farm, heated in between the eggs as they finished frying and ending up on top of the eggs once they were put on the plates; and lightly-toasted slices of a rich multigrain bread from Whole Foods Market
  • the music was that of Johann Adolf Hasse, from the album, ‘Salve Regina’,  Reinhard Goebel conducting the Ensemble, Musica Antiqua Cologne