eggs/bacon, toast/bread, herbs/spice, red/green tomato


Tomato sill, breakfast room.



Thanks to a generous weekend-gardener friend, we’ve been living with tomatoes all week, and this early meal was a part of the terrific experience. The picture at the top was taken 4 days ago; after our meal this morning only one of the small baskets of red cherry tomatoes and 3 of the long plum tomatoes remain on that sill.

We had a late breakfast today; sort of a lunch.

  • the 6 eggs and the thick pieces of bacon both came from a Pennsylvania Amish farm, Millport Dairy, which sells in the Union Square Greenmarket (John is driven to New York by an ‘English’ friend); the 2 sliced ripe medium-size tomatoes were an heirloom Green Zebra and a red plum (a beautiful rounded triangle in cross-section), both from Lower Hayfields, a friend’s garden in Garrison, north of New York; the toast was from the heel of a 3-day-old sturdy ciabatta from Bobolink Dairy, the ‘untoast’ from a 1-day-old Eric Kayser ‘Pain de campagne’; the herbs were a mix of many kinds, all from Greenmarket farmers, although the tomatoes were sprinkled with some torn New York CIty basil from Gotham Greens, via Whole Foods; there was also an absolutely wonderful aromatic Middle-Eastern-style seasoning blend, ‘L’eKama
  • we have a Sunday morning tradition of listening to classical music somehow related to religion (usually Christian), notwithstanding our seriously-expatriot status vis-à-vis the faiths in which we were raised; today the music was Olivier Messiaen: ‘Vingt Regards Sur L’Enfant Jesus’, performed by pianist Joanna MacGregor