Kielbasa; potato salad with lovage; Japanese turnip greens


Not a fully traditional 4th of July dinner, but then it was actually only the 3rd of July.

It wasn’t even a particularly German meal.

Yes, I knew that kielbasa was not the American hot dog, or German in its origin, even if most versions actually are more yummy than a hot dog, and perhaps at least as good as some German sausage; the mustard I used wasn’t yellow American, but it was whole-grain and German in style, and very tasty; the potato salad was nothing like most ‘creamier’ versions that are being enjoyed this weekend, but the formula I went with gave me an excuse to use some unusual spring alliums and herbs I had on hand, and it was pretty light (clearly not an adjective usually associated with this dish); finally, the idea of braised greens as an aside, especially if they belonged to a somewhat exotic Japanese turnip, would likely be anathema to most Americans.

  • four small-diameter Kielbasa sausages from Millport Dairy Farm, boiled and served with a German-style mustard
  • small red new potatoes from Norwich Meadows Farm, prepared along the lines of this 2004 Melissa Clark recipe, with some modifications; I used potatoes from Norwich Meadows Farm, baby (thin) red-skin shallots (thin) from Lani’s Farm rather than red onion, local apple cider vinegar from Race Farm, bacon from Millport Dairy Farm, fresh garlic cloves from Stokes Farm, whole-grain German mustard from Whole Foods, the lovage was from Campo Rosso Farm, parsley from Phillips Farm, and, instead of chives, I used the green parts of the red-skin shallots
  • Japanese Hinona Kabu turnip greens from Norwich Meadows Farm, washed, wilted in olive oil in which several chopped fresh garlic cloves from Stokes Farm and a few chopped stems of cauliflower whose florets had been used in an earlier meal had been lightly-browned only just before, the vegetables seasoned and drizzled with olive oil
  • the wine was an Italian (Emilia-Romagna) sparkling red, Cantina di Sorbara Emma Lambrusco di Sorbara NV, from Chelsea Wine Vault
  • the music was the album, ‘Wizards & Wildmen‘, piano music by Charles Ives, Henry Cowell, and Lou Harrison, performed by Anthony de Mare