spaghetto, pesto di cavolo nero, primavera cipolla e aglio


This is a wonderful dish. On Monday night it started out as one which was pretty much a product of necessity, or at least of wanting to make space in the larder. Happy chance.

I had a little cavolo nero, and a couple young red onions for which I didn’t have any specific plans, there was a piece of Parmesan cheese I didn’t want to grow old, and of course I always have some good pasta, and every other staple which would be needed for a dish in which it would be featured.

The recipe is from Jamie Oliver; I halved the amounts for the 2 of us. My “liquidiser” was an ancient Osterizer.

I used 8 ounces of Afeltra spaghetto, from Eataly, but of course the fresh ingredients were very local. Instead of a leek, I used two small red-tinged Japanese scallions from Norwich Meadows Farm, the cavalo nero was from Eckerton Hill Farm, organic garlic was from Trader Joe’s, and the cheese was Parmigiano Reggiano Vacche Rosse from Buon Italia.