sautéed ramps, fried eggs, tomatoes, other things, toast


Looks a little disorganized in this picture, but, hey, it was early morning (at least for me).

To maintain some self esteem, I’ll call it ‘rustic’.

  • the fat used to sautée the ramps and fry the eggs was a combination of rendered duck, butter, and olive oil; the eggs were from Millport Dairy; the ramps from Berried Treasures; the tomatoes were Backyard Farms Maine ‘cocktail tomatoes’ from Whole Foods; the sliced spring garlic sautéed with the tomatoes was from Bodhitree Farm; the oregano with both of those was from Eataly; the lovage on the eggs was from Windfall Farms; the micro beets, also on the eggs, from Two Guys from Woodbridge; and there were dashes of a superb aromatic seasoning blend called L’eKama;  there were two different breads slipped into the vintage toaster, Eric Kayser’s demi-Vendôme (de farine de froment, de levain, de germe de blé) and a 7-grain loaf from Eataly
  • our traditional Sunday liturgical first listen this time was the another mass from the album Les messes à teneur‘ [the tenor masses] of Guillaume Du Fay, performed by the ensemble, The Cut Circle