lamb shanks, red onions, balsamic; roasted roots; cabbage


This meal was extremely winter-sympathetic, and the weather totally cooperated on this blustery, wet, late-February evening.

I also think this was my most successful braised lamb shank yet, maybe because I had plenty of time, and because I used all of it.

  • two 10-ounce lamb shanks from 3-Corner Field Farm, prepared, except for the accompaniments, exactly as described in this post, and this one, using red onions from Norwich Meadows Farm; the wine I cooked with was a Castello di Farnetella Chianti Colli Senesi 2012 (for reasons too complicated and uninteresting to explain, I had it in a slow-to-moderate oven for part of the time, and on the top of the stove, with the lowest flame I could manage, for the rest)
  • a mix of root vegetables, including sliced celery root and sliced parsley root, both from John D. Madura Farm, parsnips from Norwich Meadows Farm, a sliced ‘Gilfeather’ turnip from Alewife Farm, several shallots from John D. Madura Farm, all tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper, and the very last sprigs of winter savory from Stokes Farm, the herb placed on the bottom of a ceramic oven pan and the roots spread on top, everything roasted slowly at 400º until tender and golden (about 45 minutes)
  • the heart of a Savoy cabbage from Hoeffner Farms, sliced thinly, sautéed in butter along with sea salt, telicherry pepper, and 4 or 5 smashed juniper berries
  • the wine was a California (Napa Valley) red, RouteStock [sic] Route 29 Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012
  • the music was Vivaldi’s ‘Motezuma’, performed by the ensemble, Il Complesso Barocco, conducted by Alan Curtis, with Vito Priante, Marijana Mijanovic, Inga Kalna, Roberta Invernizzi, and others