calamari in padella con limone e pangrattato


I’m surprised:  I never thought the full Italian name for this meal would fit in my subject line.  The dish, ‘calamari in padella con limone e pangrattato’ translates as ‘squid sautéed with lemon and breadcrumbs’ (which would also fit on that line), and all of that fit on the table last night.

Four months ago, after being seduced by the beautiful photograph of the dish placed on the page facing the instructions, I had pulled the recipe out of Jamie Oliver’s ‘Jamie’s Italy‘ (no, Jamie himself wasn’t in the picture).

In its first outing I had added a bed of potatoes under these delicious cephalopods.  This time I skipped the potatoes, and instead of February’s brussels sprouts, the contorno was a small bowl of thin yellow beans [fagioli gialli], also picked up at the Greenmarket yesterday.

  • a pangrattato made with crumbs of four-day-old whole wheat bread from Eataly, six unpeeled fairly-fresh garlic cloves from Phillips Farm, and one extremely hot cayenne pepper from Oak Grove Plantation, stirred in a large enameled cast iron pan with olive oil until the crumbs were crisp and golden, removed from and spread onto paper toweling, the pan then wiped with paper towels and baby squid from Blue Moon Fish, dried and seasoned, placed inside and sautéed, along with very thin slices of lemon, over high heat, all turned once, the squid and lemon removed and distributed on plates, the pangrattato scattered on top, everything sprinkled with a mix of chopped parsley from Lani’s Farm and chopped lovage from Keith’s Farm
  • thin yellow beans (haricots jaune/fagioli gialli), boiled until softened somewhat, drained, heated in the same pan to dry, set aside, later warmed up in a cast iron pan, along with some ‘rubbed’ ramp blossoms (for a mild, complex, garlic-like effect) from Berried Treasures, seasoned with salt and pepper, sprinkled with fresh oregano from Stokes Farm
  • since there were two white peaches left from the night before, there was also dessert, a return of the dish which had ended the previous meal
  • the wine was an Argentinian white, Jelu Estate Torrontes 2014, from San Juan
  • the music was a number of short pieces streamed from Yle Klassinen