spinach ravioli with heirloom, scapes, oregano


This meal was really tossed together in minutes.  We had returned relatively late from an evening of David Moss and Harry Partch because afterward we visited with friends who were also in the audiences. Also, it was a ‘school night’, so we couldn’t eat as late as we might otherwise.

  • fresh Rana spinach-and-ricotta-filled ravioli from Eataly, cooked and drained, mixed with a handful of fairly small garlic scapes from Lucky Dog Organic which had been sautéed in olive oil until almost tender, then sections of a ripe heirloom tomato from Norwich Meadows Farm gently stirred into the mix, and chopped fresh oregano from Lani’s Farm tossed on top
  • the wine was a white Italian, Le Salse Verdicchio di Matelica 2014
  • the music was Barbara Benary’s ‘Aural Shoehorning’