steak with savory; grilled scapes; roasted radishes


While we were enjoying this meal two weeks back, Barry said that he doesn’t want to have steak unless it’s as good as this one.

I hadn’t really planned a dinner for that Saturday evening, so it was serendipity when we found ourselves in the West Village, more or less shut out (because of the enormous line) of the last day of Gavin Brown’s crowd-drawing and crowd-pleasing show, ‘Untitled: 12 Horses‘.  Barry suggested we walk a bit further in the rain and check out what the people at Hudson & Charles might be able to tempt us with, and we went hiome with two beautiful Delmonico steaks.

We had a small cheese course after the entrée.

  • Delmonico steaks from Hudson & Charles finished with lemon, savory from Berried Treasures, a drizzle of olive oil on the steaks after they had been pan grilled
  • breakfast radishes from Rogowski Farm, roasted on a small Pampered Chef pan with branches of thyme from Eckerton Hill
  • garlic scapes from John D. Madura Farm, tossed in olive oil, salt, and pepper, then pan grilled
  • the cheese was ‘Pearl’, from Seal Cove Farm (a pasteurized goat and cows’ milk cheese from Lamoine, Maine), Maine, served with toasts of a sourdough bâtard from She Wolf Bakery at the Greenmarket
  • the wine was a California red, Jacqueline Bahue Cabernet Franc, Lodi 2013