triangolo di asparagi with tomato, garlic, onion tops


While I was inside Eataly to pick up some bread yesterday afternoon, I passed the shop-made fresh pasta showcase where I got carried away with the the shape of this pasta and the sign describing the seasonal filling (well, anticipating the season just a bit) of asparagus.  The rest of the filling was simply ricotta and goat cheese, so I knew I’d be able to ‘sauce’ it with the cherry tomatoes remaining on hand, along with more of my new infatuation, onion tops.

  • asparagus, ricotta and goat cheese-filled triangolo di asparagi, tossed with Maine cherry ‘cocktail’ tomatoes from Whole Foods, slightly-sautéed with sliced garlic and freshly-ground black pepper, the bowls scattered with chopped onion (yellow onion) tops from Phillips Farm
  • the wine was a white Italian, Piedmont Wine Project Asinel Bianco 2013 from Chelsea Wine Vault
  • the music was some symphonies of J.C. Bach

Incidentally, there is a short story to the name, ‘Asinel’, and the bottle itself boasts one of the most irresistible wine labels I’ve ever pulled off a shelf: