Savoy cabbage and spicy sopressata frittata


I try to interrupt, or bridge meat and fish meals with pasta, egg, or vegetable entrées (and sometimes that means an interval of more than one evening), and tonight it was the turn for a frittata, although it was one which included a bit of cured meat as well as a great, underappreciated vegetable.

  • the interior leaves of a Savoy cabbage from from Hoeffner Farms (this was actually the third meal in which I was able to feature this same small cabbage), boiled briefly until tender, then chopped and set aside while garlic from Migliorelli Farm, minced, was heated until golden in a large cast iron pan with olive oil, after which the cabbage was added, cooked for 2 or 3 minutes, removed from the pan and replaced by small pieces of spicy sopressata from Alleva Dairy in Little Italy, where it was warmed, and during which time half a dozen eggs from Millport Dairy were whipped in a bowl, seasoned with freshly-ground pepper and joined by the cabbage before being poured into the iron pan, where they were cooked at a very low heat until almost set, placed under the broiler, for only moments, removed, and finally served on a plate along with Upland Cress from Two Guys from Woodbridge [the basis for this entrée was a recipe of Marcella Hazan; the sopressata was my addition]
  • the wine was a Northern Italian red, Vallana Campi Raudii VIno Rosso [the wine appears to be non-vintage, but the makers’ website mentions  something about 101 BC, and credentials like that are good enough for me]