baked eggs, mushrooms, Gruyère, scallions, tomato


I had put this dish together before, early on New Years’ Day, as a lunch.  I revisited it as a dinner, with a few enhancements, tonight.

  •  shiitake mushrooms from Bulich Mushroom, sautéed for a few minutes over medium high heat before the addition of garlic from Migliorelli Farm, minced, thyme from Manhattan Fruit Exchange, chopped, and one scallion, also from Manhattan Fruit Exchange, julienned, the mix lifted into a buttered baking dish, followed by six eggs from Knoll Krest Farm cracked over the top, seasoned with salt and pepper and dotted with halved cherry tomatoes from Shushan Hydro Farm, sprinkled with shredded cheese (Swiss Le Gruyère) from Trader Joe’s, the surface drizzled with a bit of heavy cream, the dish then baked in the oven for about 15 minutes, or until the whites were set and the yolks were still barely runny
  • the cooked eggs were served on toasted slices of Trucio bread from Sullivan Street Bakery
  • the wine was a Spanish red, Flavium Premium Bierzo 2008