sweet cherry tomato & sausage bake with polenta




This is the kind of recipe that belongs in the kitchen arsenal of everyone who isn’t a vegetarian.  It’s more even more delicious than it sounds or looks, a dish which might make even a confirmed lover of the tropics wish for a cold wintry evening.  I found it on Jamie Oliver‘s site.  It’s basically the same recipe he used, even if my dish looks different, so I won’t repeat it by outlining the steps below as I usually do.  Instead, I’ll document the sources of each of the non-staple ingredients I used.

  • the tomatoes were ripe Maine hydroponic red cherry, from Backyard Farms, and a Mexican greenhouse trio of colors, from Trio, both purchased at Eataly
  • the thyme was from Stokes Farm
  • the rosemary was from Queens County Farm
  • the fresh bay leaf was from West Side Market
  • the dried Italian oregano was from Buon Italia
  • the garlic was from Berried Treasures
  • the substitute I used for Jamie’s Cumberland sausage were links of Italian sweet sausage from Tamarack Hollow Farm
  • the wine was an Italian red, Brecciarolo Velenosi Rosso Piceno Superiori 2011