monkfish Inguazato, wilted minutina with chives


This dish, or at least the Inguazato part, appeared on the site earlier in the month.  I don’t usually repeat myself with such frequency, but the recipe is really good, I had picked up the monkfish that day, and I happened to have delicious cherry tomatoes and also some green olives that were unlikely to all end up in martinis.

  • a monkfish tail from Blue Moon Fish, prepared using a David Pasternak recipe which involved couscous, olive oil, sliced garlic from Berried Treasures, some cherry tomatoes, also from Berried Treasures, cracked (Sicilian-like?) green olives from Whole Foods, and almost all of one whole crushed dried chile
  • minutina from Bodhitree Farm, barely wilted, then tossed with cut chives from Eckerton Hill Farm, seasoned, and finished with olive oil
  • the wine, appropriate to the cultural source of the recipe was a Sicilian white, Corvo Insolia 2013 from Philippe Wine in Chelsea