skate with shallots, flat beans with tomato


  • skate from Pura Vida, ‘breaded’ with seasoned polenta flour, pan-fried until golden and removed to plates, shallots and garlic quickly added to the wiped pan with a bit a bit of butter, where they sweated a bit, the heat then turned off , lemon juice and chopped parsley introduced, the simple sauce then spooned over the skate
  • flat green or Romano beans from Berried Treasures, par-boiled, drained, dried, and reheated in a bit of olive oil, then combined with chopped orange heirloom tomato from Central Valley Farm
  • the wine was a Southwest France rosé, Côtes de Duras “La Pie Collette,” Mouthes le Bihan – 2013

I originally found the recipe on the Kisscook site.