oregano/lemon grilled squid, yellow beans, lovage



Once again, the fact that I didn’t want to use the oven on a warm evening was something of the mother of invention, or perhaps this time only the mother of an impetus for borrowing.  My favorite recipe for squid involves a very hot oven, however briefly, so I knew I’d want to come up with something else two nights ago.  This dish is a fairly close working of a recipe created by two people I hadn’t heard of (we really never see TV here at Chelsy acres), Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh, found on line while I was searching for ‘squid’ and ‘grilled’.  It seemed easier, and actually looked better than another I had seen by Lidia Bastianich (I have heard of Lidia.  If  you know her, don’t tell her what I said).

It was delicious, and it’s definitely going to stay in the repertory.

  • squid bodies and tentacles (this time not enough, to my taste) from Blue Moon Fish, marinated for about half an hour in lemon zest and lemon juice – here using exactly half a lemon for each (I love that home economy thing) – garlic, oil, dried oregano, salt and pepper, then removed from the marinade and pan-grilled briefly over high heat, sprinkled with lemon juice, and chopped parsley from Paffenrath Gardens
  • flat yellow pole beans from Bodhitree Farm, parboiled, drained, dried, later re-heated briefly with olive oil, seasoned and sprinkled with lovage from Mountain Sweet Berry Farm
  • the wine was a Spanish white which uses Verdejo grapes, one which we’ve been enjoying frequently lately, Shaya Rueda 2012