spinach/ricotta ravioli, tomato, basil, parmesan



This is pretty much the extent of our  fast food practice, except for the nights when we have a good pizza delivered.

  • the makings for this and similar meals are usually already in the apartment, at least in summer and early fall.  This time it began with a package of frozen Rana spinach-and-ricotta-filled ravioli, which I only had to cook for about three minutes, once a generous amount of salted water had come to a boil.  Prior to adding the pasta to the water I had warmed slivers of garlic with some chiles in a pan, turned off the heat, waited a bit, then added some quartered slices of a sturdy, perfectly-ripe one-pound tomato from Norwich Meadow Farms.  I drained the pasta, added it to the pan, and gently shuffled all the elements with a narrow wooden spatula.  The ravioli mix was served in bowls, finished with torn basil and shaved Parmesan cheese.
  • the wine was an Italian rosé, Il Conventino Rosato del Conventino 2013 Toscana