dinner, May 15, 2009

red_stem_baby_kale(the center bunch joined us for dinner;  the egg seems to have escaped from the vendor’s cartons)

  • roasted chick peas
  • Yellowfin Tuna steak (from Grenada, via Whole Foods, and on sale Friday) generously-covered with mixture of crushed fennel seeds and crushed dried chiles, briefly seared on a grill pan and finished with oil and lemon – very easy, and an awesome success [see “Italian Easy:  Recipes from the London River Cafe“];  accompanied by red spring onions from the Greenmarket, grilled and dotted with balsamic vinegar; and baby red kale [see pic above, which includes one egg, in representation of another product sold by this farm], also Greenmarket produce, wilted in a covered pan with oil and bruised garlic
  • wine:  Maison Louis Latour Pinot Noir 2007 (although a Spanish white, a white Rhone or a Chardonnay might have been a better choice because of the spices on the tuna)
  • PJ Madison‘s “Bourbon Vanilla” gelato-style ice cream topped with the best rhubarb sauce I’ve ever tasted [Amanda Hesser in the Times, adapted from Anne Willan]:   a very simple composition of thinly-sliced rhubarb from Maxwell’s Farm stand at the Greenmarket, covered in a still-warm white wine syrup which had been infused with crushed cardamom pods and Darjeeling tea, then refrigerated  [the rhubarb is also excellent on top of a slice of very good pound cake, or angel food or sponge cake – and just about anything else!]