dinner, March 27, 2009

  • grilled swordfish steak, from Whole Foods (as were the vegetables), prepared Sicilian Salmoriglio style (slice one steak into two 1/2 inch thick pieces, grill each on ridged, cast iron pan 2 minutes on the first side, 1 1/2 minutes on the other, then remove from the pan and prick several times with a fork, covering surface of steaks with a mixture of salt, scant one tbs lemon, and pepper, which has been emulsified with scant 2 tbs oil);   grilled spring/bulb onions (divide into quarters, brush with oil and season with salt and pepper, grill each side on a ridged, cast iron pan, remove and add balsamic vinegar or lemon and, optionally, chopped parsley);  crispy red potato chips prepared in the oven (unpeeled, sliced very thin, mixed with oil, salt and pepper, chopped fresh rosemary, spread in one layer on two unglazed stoneware trays, put into a 450-500 degree oven for fifteen minutes, turning once)
  • wine:  Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2008 from Marlborough (New Zealand)